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    Our well trained doctors will come and see you at home or in your office. Call us now on 0302919083 and 0302919076

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    We represent the best brands in anesthesia and patient monitoring. Call us now or email us. 0302919083 or 0302919076.

We offer subscription - based concierge medical services, house calls, corporate health education and training. We represent medical equipment manufacturers.

We offer concierge medical services. Our doctors will attend to  you in the comfort of your home or office. For a yearly subscription fee, you receive regular monthly scheduled visits. You can request one additional house call  each month at no extra charge for the consultation. On a short trip and need to see a doctor? Call us and we’ll come to see you. If you need a doctor for patient escort, call us. Our doctors trained in Basic and Advanced Cardiac Life Support will make your trip smooth and safe. When it comes to purchasing medical equipment, we help you make the best decisions. We represent some of the best brands in the industry. We are authorized agents of Gradian Health Systems in Ghana, the distributors of the only certified anesthesia machines which combine standby battery power with a built - in oxygen concentrator. The Universal Anesthesia Machine (UAM) is arguably the best anesthesia machine on the market. The Gradian CCV is a robust and versatile portable ventilator which can be used in the intensive care unit, as well as for transport of high - dependent patients by ambulance.