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Our doctors come to you at home, in your office, or your hotel room.

Hospitals are choked with waiting queues. Treatment plans are not standardized and as such vary widely from doctor to doctor and from hospital to hospital.

Despite the increase in the prevalence of lifestyles diseases like diabetes and hypertension, the emphasis on preventive health is sub optimal because the health centers are busy attending to emergency cases. 

The pressure on the health facilities means that consulting times are shorter, and patients do not get to spend adequate amounts of time with their doctors.

Many business executives and other workers cannot afford the time to go and sit at a health facility for hours awaiting care. 

This is where we come in. When you subscribe to one of our plans, we assign you a primary care doctor who serves as your health manager. This doctor is well trained in medicine and customer care and is subject to our stringent peer review system. A peer review system ensures that your doctor gives you the best possible care according to international guidelines. Your doctor will go over your current health records with you, and make sure that your health checks are up to date.

Our doctors use internationally accepted guidelines in their management of patients. This ensures quality and consistency of care.

You will get a scheduled visit once a month from your doctor and are entitled to one additional free house call should the need arise. In addition, your health manager will always be a phone call away when you need his input. Call us now on 0302 919 076 or 0302 919 083

Each doctor in our network has only a limited number of clients to manage. We assign this number by using a carefully designed algorithm. This ensures that the doctors can devote ample attention to each client.

We place a lot of emphasis on preventative health care, and each of our doctors is well informed and apt to educate on issues relevant to your health.

In the unlikely event that you need to receive in-hospital care, we will collaborate with our network of physicians and hospitals in order to ensure that you get the best of care.

If you have a relative who can benefit from doctors’ visits at home, you can subscribe them onto our plans. They will get regular doctors’ housecalls. If they are on any specialized treatment we will interface with your specialists to ensure continuity of care.

You can also use our services to get recommendations for particular treatments. We tap into our extensive networks to tell you which health facilities are best suited to manage your specific health need so you don’t become a victim of the health system.

We are also a reliable source of second opinions for you when faced with treatment options.Paragraph

If you need to seek care abroad, we coordinate the transfer of health records between your primary doctors and the referral hospitals to make the process as painless as possible for you.

When you need to get a non-emergency investigation done, we call the diagnostic center to schedule ahead so you don’t go and spend all day at the facility waiting.

Our goal is to help you manage your health and keep you healthy so you can attend to the other things that matter to you. Give us a call today. 0302 919 083 or 0302 919 076. Or email us at